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Moments Alive

Branded TV Channel

Your Customer | Your Content | Your Channel

Tagloy enables you to create your own smart & interactive television channel, elevate your brand’s value with custom TV Channel and improve your in-venue customer engagement.


Start tranding on Instagram.encourage your customers to use your hashtags, bring them Live on Your TV Channel.


Integrate your Facebook business page and smartly engage your in-venue customers.

Digital Noticeboard

Convert your traditional Chalkboard to live jazzy chalkboard with a click.

Customisable Design

Easily design your content onscreen. Get your creativity to the next level.

Royalty-free Content

Publish a whole lot of royalty free content available on the Tagloy platform.

Digital PR

Spread the word in your venue - get off from print media.

Advance Scheduler

Smart and advance scheduler to manage your TV Channel.


Opportunity to generate revenue by advertising our premium partner brands at prime time.

Know Your Audience

Grow Your Business

Get The Results

Engage Your Customers





Advertise with us

Trade Between Advertisers and Tagloy-enabled outlet owners!

High Definition Display

Large 4K & FHD Television at premium outlets to showcase your marketing content.

Target Captive Audience

Target captive and premium audience with multitude of customization.

Intelligent Advertising

Create smart and Intelligent content driven marketing campaigns.

Geolocation Targeting

Geo and Hyperlocal - Targeted narrowed audience with niche reach and better conversion ratio.

Smart Scheduler

Advance scheduler with APIs and Social media integration for your marketing campaigns.

Detailed Analytics

Get API Access and advance analytics to know the performance of your campaigns on Tagloy.

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